United States of America

It was nearly 20 years after the London traders got together to form a market when in 1792, twenty four of New York’s leading merchants met secretly at Corres Hotel to discuss ways to bring order on the securities business and to wrestle it away from their competitors the auctioneers. Those twenty four people signed up to the Buttonwood agreement named so after their usual meeting place, a buttonwood tree. The agreement called for the signers to trade only amongst themselves, to set trading fees and not to participate in other auctions of securities. These twenty four men had founded what was to become the New York Stock Exchange which was later relocated to 11 Wall Street.

The US markets are incredibly liquid with an entire industry built around the exchanges and institutions across the entire length and breadth of North America that make up the securities industry and it still remains the largest market in the world by liquidity. The markets of the US offer a wide range of exposure dependent on the needs and aspirations of a potential listing company from the OTC markets for more junior companies or overseas companies seeking a quotation in the United States such as Adidas, J. Sainsbury, KLM Air France to name a few to the NYSE and the NASDAQ exchanges that cover a wide range of industry and market size.

Argentum 47 Consulting construct a listing in the USA in many different ways, it can be an IPO, Reverse Merger or DPO on a variety of exchanges. The key considerations for the most suitable exchange are all dependant on the company itself. The goals of the company coupled with the current status and size of the business dictate what market we should be driving the business towards. The analysis meetings with management of Argentum 47 Consulting will ascertain the correct market and market segment which will result in an action and time plan delivered to the company along with comprehensive due diligence materials enabling us to work with the company in an effective and timely manner. We work with a variety of SEC lawyers, Auditors, Brokers and support professionals enabling us to achieve the target listing within the agreed time frame.

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