London was the leader in Global Stock Markets in the 18th Century, after a fire destroyed most of the change alley coffee houses in 1748 so a group of 150 stockbrokers and jobbers (market makers) formed a club at ‘Jonathan's’ to buy and sell shares and soon renamed their coffee shop from ‘New Jonathan's’ to ‘The Stock Exchange’ on Threadneedle Street, City of London in 1773. At this time the world’s oldest Stock Exchange was born.

Europe has a good strong Equity Market exposure with many levels of market for different types and sizes of companies form the larger full listing to smaller SME type exchanges. European markets offer a mix of retail and Institutional investors suitable for companies with a strong European accent and a defined strategy to market.

Argentum 47 Consulting work with market makers, nominated advisors (Nomads) and brokers in different markets and we understand the technical differences from one E.U. exchange to another to help our clients achieve the optimum potential for a listing within the EU. The London Stock Exchange (LSE) with its various levels of entry can cater for companies of all different shapes and sizes whereby the business has a defined UK centric offering. The Frankfurt and Euronext markets are more aligned to companies that have a business that are Central European based hence either of these chosen markets will dovetail more efficiently with the business itself.

There are many factors to take into consideration when seeking a public listing in the EU not least of all potential language barriers and cultural differences.

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