NASDAQ Dubai (formerly called the DIFX) is the International Stock Exchange between Western Europe and East Asia. It opened in September 2005.

Its standards are comparable to those of leading international exchanges such as New York, London or Hong Kong. Through the Exchange, regional issuers can access local and international investment. International issuers can access investment from the region, through a primary or dual Admission to Trading.

Investors can trade on NASDAQ Dubai through a unique mix of regional and international brokers. In July 2010, NASDAQ Dubai outsourced its trading and other key operational functions for equities to Dubai Financial Market (DFM). This has brought the DFM's more than 550,000 individual ultra high net worth investors together with NASDAQ Dubai's international institutional investors in a deep liquidity pool.

The NASDAQ Dubai region includes the United Arab Emirates(UAE) and the rest of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), the wider Middle East and North Africa, Turkey and the Indian sub-continent.

The UAE and Dubai in particular offers a rich vein of capital investment from many different sources, the general thought process is that the Middle East is only suitable for Oil and Gas investments; whilst the Hydrocarbon business is the main stay of the economy in many Middle Eastern countries, in the UAE and Dubai in particular we have a network of potential investors that cover most industries, sectors and countries. We have deep relationships in some of the largest institutions in the Region along with smaller specialized funds and family offices. We, at Global Equity, have spent the various years in Dubai nurturing these relationships for the future benefit of our prospective clients with a sweet spot capital raise of $25 million.

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